Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Don't have a clue how to post in forum of Adgitize!

Aww, Sadly my "Nick of time" wasn't counted, aww..

Hey, Before I start my blogpost, I just want to say that I have cashed out on my 3 PTC sites, and 1 on Adgitize, will post them after this blog post, (maybe the next day, so it is a valid Adgitize post)

So as Adgitize made their new rule of the "Forum Posting", I want to know how its done, so I headed to Adgitize's homepage, when I logged in, I clicked "Forum", which lead me to logging out, so my question is..

"How can you post on a forum? if so, how can it be counted to your Adgitize account?"

Im getting irritated because all of the days that passed is like money dripping out of my pocket :(, so sad, so please Adgitize community, help me with this one,

If you know where I can read a step by step tutorial or a video about this please do post here, and if you're kind enough to walk me through I'd be happy to listen.

And why does your account logs out anyways when you click on some link on Adgitize? really puzzling, hmm, and I've been working on some of my "Reserved Post", how about you?


I tried to use the forum section and found out that you need to create another profile for that. Click any forum topic, click the "reply" button and a form will open for you to register.

At first you need to create another profile after that you can now post in the forum. Its normal when you log in adgitize and click forum you will be log out in adgitize but as long as your name was there. I mean at the bottom of the page you can see your name - registered user then your forum will be count in... Sana naintindihan mo medyo magulo ata sinabi ko, lol.

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