Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SportsFest! Day 1

This was the first day of our school's sportsfest and I woke up 1 hour late on the meeting place's call time, whoa what a way to start the sportsfest's first day, I got up then went straight to bath, then fixed myself up and left without anything on my belly, (no food intake yet, not that i don't have clothes on my belly, etc.)

I got my mom's camera with me, hehe, she doesn't know.

At the venue, we looked around, and I took some pictures, (literally its only some, I didn't took too much pictures because the SD card was full, and I even minimized the mp of the cam).

Then the program was on! it started with "Mr. and Ms. Info", haha, so it was a great start, really spiced up the boys and girls and in between :).

Then we went home, haha :D what a brief description :)


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