Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thats the way T.V. Should be..

I've been writing so much filler post that I forgot writing things like this..

Today when I got home, I decided to watch some TV. I opened it up instead of the computer because I heard my sis watching glee, so after the episode, I was too lazy to go and open the computer that I decided to watch some more,

I don't know much lineups of shows so I went on dashing throughout the channels I know, then, I stopped at "Nat-Geo" (national geographic), It was about north korea, an eye doctor was to come to this country, I was surprise to hear a country WITHOUT MOBILE PHONES and INTERNET! they were so strict because of the past war against the world that they literally cut off themselves from the world, sadly, they even cut out themselves from one of their own..

Dividing a country which was once united..

Even if it means drastic consequences for the people on their own country.

When the show was done, I tuned in to MTV to find another goodies to watch.

This time it was about a High School, and a team will go there to do a "Challenge day", as we all know, every high school has their own unique pupils with their own walks of life, and the team's objective is to break the boundaries between these "clicks", all kinds of teens was there, the nerds, the jocks, the popular, the strange, you name it and they're there!. and some very touching events lead to boundaries being brought down. I can't tell all the details, I know you hate a long post, so watch the show/movie/whatever it was..

As I watch this two really contrast show, I realized how man copes with different situations, whether it was a damage done in the past, or the damage that's being dealt at hand, we always find the way that leads to a better life.

This two shows can really emphasize the saying..

No man is an island


Indeed....I can't imagine living alone in this whole wide world.

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