Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Farewell.. You served us well..

You might be wondering who I am talking about, if you saw my last post here, you should know what i'm talking about, yes, the first one on the list, "Limewire".

Limewire is really a handy freeware for all, it enables you to download music files, video files, and manages your torrent and magnet files, Limewire is famous throughout all countries, but this last week, a devastating news arrived.

As we all love things that are free, not all free stuff are legal, like Limewire's sharing files, apparently, is illegal, because of copyright reasons, so now, limewire has shutted down their server and stopped all file sharing, so, RIP Limewire 2000-2010.

Bad news for us music lovers that downloads their music on Limewire, thankfully, Frostwire is still here, and Cabos are both limewire like, but limewire is still different.


bye bye limewire :( it was good while it lasted though.

WTF? I never knew about this issue. How am I supposed to download now? I hate Bearshare.

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