Friday, November 19, 2010


I've been noticing something lately..

Sadly, no one is commenting on my posts :( I remember the days when no one was reading my posts :(.

Hmm. why is it that they are not commenting anymore? :(

Well, we have to keep on moving, happy blogging :D

PS. SANTOSARIS! you didn't leave any contact XD even your facebook account XD


There you go. Don't lose hope. Blogging is just like that. Maybe people are simply busy working their a$$ off for the yuletide season. :)

ei there, eventhough i haven't comment you at all time, i make sure that i'll visit here and shout on your box! smile!

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Nice blog.. keep it up bro.. Cheers!

commenting on other blogs will be the answer. If other bloggers are visiting you and leave comments, I think you should return the favor by visiting them too and commenting, you will gain friends and loyal visitors. :D

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