Thursday, November 4, 2010

Getting on my nerves

Before reading this blog post, I suggest you do lol limewire first, because emotions are gonna spark on this blog post.

I mostly don't do this but..

I just want to say to all non english/filipino out there, please.. just please.. GO GET A TRANSLATOR AND TRANSLATE YOUR TEXT TO ENGLISH!.

Im sorry, but a failure on communication may leat to many complications, so if you are so kind to translate your posts into english/filipino before posting on my chatbox, it would be appreciated.

I just can't stand it enough, I clearly stated on the top of my chatbox that "PLEASE USE ENGLISH/FILIPINO LANGUAGES ONLY", what's so hard about that? man, I don't know what gotten into me onto writing this, and to others please don't take this offensively, I'm just spreading out my opinion.

I don't want to use "Drastic Measures", I'm really sorry about this post. I will post about the "Konami Code" tomorrow. :)


Just wanted to tell you how happy it makes me when I open your page, the design is lovely. Thanks

Just remove your shoutbox and they won't bother you..

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