Friday, November 5, 2010

Konami Codes

Got the lol limewire anthem stuck on your noggin? :D

Konami codes were used by the company "Konami" to put out a hidden capability in the game for the creators to fully finish the game without the hassle of facing the hardships of the game.

A great example would be Konami's famous game "Contra", a shooting game that is basically hard to finish, with the use of the Konami code, finishing the game would be a breeze.

Not only games are using the Konami Codes, There are lots and lots of them, one of the is "Facebook", sadly, they removed the Konami code, Boo!, but for those who were able to see the Konami Code on Facebook, they said that the screen would flare after putting in the Konami Code.

For the full list of sites that was injected :D, by the Konami Code, go to

At the beginning of the site, you will only see a code, that is because you need to enter the Konami code before you can enter :).


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