Saturday, November 6, 2010

Breaking News... FREE $50!!!

Did you had fun using the Konami Code?? :D

I know I was about to blog about the "Google Im feeling lucky" button, but this has got to come out.

I don't know how to say this, without shocking you, umm, a payment processor is.. GIVING AWAY $50 AS INITIAL ACCOUNT!!.

This is a mind boggling story told to me by a friend of mine, she was kind enough to share her blessings :D.

The payment processor's name is PayBox, PayBox is a new payment processor on its beta stage, they don't transact externally yet, but you can transact internally like "Send Money" Etc.

This is a unique site, I don't have any sources about this, well.. Yet, I would like to make this opportunity to make you! like me.. an "Early Bird" User.

Early Bird User would get a whopping $50 as an initial account balance just for signing up! and giving you a $20 per day for being "Active" about the site, talk about an offer, and when you refer someone to the PayBox community, you would get a $5 directly in your account!.

Now you might be overwhelmed, catching your breath while reading the features of the "PayBox" Early Bird Promotion, but the reason to all of this is simple, to beat the targeted competitors, (PayPal, AlertPay, Etc.) to know more, just go to nashmicaell's blog

The wait is over, you have read all the way here on this blogpost, and you might be thinking on this point that this must be unreal, too good to be true, and if it is, you've got nothing to lose, right? so just sign up and watch the money flow. And now, to thank nashmicaell for sharing this with me. I would like to give an option to you guys on who you want to be under as referrals, either her or I, I won't hold anything against you for any of your decisions, I just think that she deserves this, and from the start, she's the one who found it, so here's the link to me and her, enjoy!

**************************UPDATE : Nov.9,2010**************************

Please vote for my created card, get more by registering "HERE!!", the money is still pouring, the opportunities are coming.. Join us!


member of the site but i don't know how the site works ..:( maybe i'll check my account again thanks for remembering me this one.

"I don't know how to say this, without shocking you, umm, a payment processor is.. GIVING AWAY $50 AS INITIAL ACCOUNT!!."

shocking enough.. HAHAHA!

I hope this one is a legit one!

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