Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Going Down..

As you may know, that I am an avid PTC goer, I only do BUX sites, that means I only go to PTC sites that has the standard.

Standard for me is..

-4 ads per day
-does not change, but sometimes gives ("Mini Exposure ads")
-$0.01 per click

You can see my PTC sites on my navigation bar under "PTC sites", but I too have some BUXmini, which has the standard "4 ads per day" but doesn't have the $0.01 per click, so its really hard for me to balance it out without any investments.

Recently, a legit PTC site went down, I am talking about Cashium, a great BUXmini site, sadly they went down because of a frozen Paypal account, so sadly, they had auction their site for other to manage, some news said a new owner would be handling the site, but whoever they would be, I hope for the best for the previous owner.

Goodbye and Hello Cashium..


I don't know what it was really that caused the site to close down. Was it really Paypal? or was it a tactic? I've seen many PTC sites that stopped paying and closed down because they claim that Paypal froze or limited their account...

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