Friday, November 12, 2010

I must be fair.

I must be fair to both sides of the party.

I recently joined this new, claiming Payment Processor "", I became so much infused with it, gaining money without doing something, well, likely, and made a banner, tried to make it my goal, at first I knew it was a scam, but as I go through it everyday, I told myself its not a bad thing to believe to offers like this once in a while, well, until I found out..

I don't want to taint my reputation on passing out scam sites so I am giving you guys the option to believe "", and yet give the option..

Thanks for "AvatarLady" for the link, and yes I want to xchange links :D, and I did my own research too after reading this link, and I went over to my favorite source for this kinda stuff, and this is what I found..

We thought christmas came in early, I just found out grinch came into town. :(


you should try other sites that are legit...I know some...just let me know if you are interested....good luck!

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