Monday, November 15, 2010

DragonFable Trainer

DragonFable is one of a browser based RPG game on the net, it is actually fun, but considering its facts, its just a past time, I played this game when I was on grade school, and as it is run by "Flash", I was curious on how hackers do their stuff.

I went across the web searching for hacks, I came across what they say the WPE PRO, it loads the game's code when ordered, but sadly, WPE PRO doesn't work like it needs to on my computer, so I went on again.

Then I read about something called "Trainer", to my surprise, its a hacking tool for the game, and with an interface to boot!, I was wondering what coding was used to do this kinda stuff.

Trainers have all the buttons and hacks you'll need for the game to be "GODLIKE", then when I searched for this so-called Trainers, I went berserk only to find you have to do favors for some users who probably found it and doesn't want to share the link that easy.

Thankfully, a kind hearted hacker was generous enough to share his own work with the world, it might not have all the functions but I assure you it's enough to satisfy your hacking needs for DragonFable.

Here it is, the "DragonFable Hacker XStream"


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