Thursday, November 25, 2010

Free mp3's at eBay using Sting Operation!

I recently stumbled upon a "knowledge" that you can get a free mp3 on eBay, but things that are free can be risky, specially if you're referring to the secured online dealing site eBay, and how could this be? well..

Mp3's on eBay are majoritized by hacked ones, those hacked mp3's are those mp3's with a mistaken identity, they say they're 32gig but really they're just 2gig, and what we will do is get the free 2gig, and get back what we paid for for the 32gig.

Sound's Crazy? yes, but it will work.

Find a surefire fraud seller of this kind of mp3's, then win the auction or buy it now, then, after buying, as you may know it is a defect, you can tell paypal what happened and they'll freeze the account of the fraud dealer and they'll give your money back too, and with the free mp3 to boot.

Seems easy? if you all know the DETAILED operation of this FREE GIG on eBay, and I have the link to tell all about it, give me a buzz and i'll share the loot *wink *wink


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