Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Aww, Sad

I thought it was a great one..

I recently made up a meme called "MJ'S", Mind Jog Sundays, I thought at first that it was a good meme, considering a great amount of comments I received, as I was so exited to do this week's MJ's, I was surprised, I did not get any comments, no one bothered to answer :(

See my post here, My entry to this week's MJ'S

Now im having second thoughts about this meme


Haha..don't give up..nahirapan kasi ako eh kaya di ako nag comment hahaha...but it's fun.

As for me, I don't go online during weekends so I missed it. Errr. I rarely go online on sat and sun pala. Hehe. Keep it up. I might join next time.

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