Thursday, November 18, 2010

Driver Death Match

Man, A surprising trip from an unusual jeep :D..

It was late at night, we just finished another pub game, when I got to the jeep, these mob of strangers went in, and they were scary looking ones, like those who ought to steal your bag, so I hold onto mine, and they were joking as if their own was one (a snatcher), so that get me thinking, if I should make the jeep pull over or continue with these guys.

Luckily, they weren't which as they seem, they were just humble "Prom-d" folks visiting a relative/comrade that just passed away, and when they pull over I was relieved, like a fishbone was just removed from my throat (I heard all of these facts by evesdropping :D).

I thought the heart raising scene was done, it was just yet to come!

Because of the distraction caused by the Prom-d's I didn't noticed that the driver was having a beef with another driver, they were overtaking each others' jeep like hell, whenever they see an opening, they never let it slip by, even if it means risking their jeepney (or better yet, their lives), as our jeep went on side to side with the driver's opponent, some trash talks were given, and off to the race they go.

As we came across a road under construction, the 2 jeeps were stopped by traffic, and then I was shocked, the enemy driver got down the jeep and brought an ice pick with him, and to my surprise, the jeepney driver I was with just pulled out a long iron rod, I went WTF and got out the jeep, as I look back, I can see an epic battle from within the jeepney.

I got home and slept, like nothing happened :)


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