Monday, May 28, 2012

The Comeback! Cedngasngu it is!


As today, well, technically it's the 28Th, I stated on my facebook account that I'll be back on the blogging world by the night of the 27Th, it can't be helped, friends are a priority :)

Well hello to all! It's been a long long long long looooong time since i've blogged about.. umm.. err. anything, my blog's last post was even about me saying "I'm Back", it's even titled "I'm Back", but alas, the fire that burned that day for my passion for blogging was put out instantly, I hope this fire that's burning right now will keep my blogging passion alive.

Usually, when I come back, I come back with a bang, but mostly it's like some of the firecrackers on New Year's Eve, all smoke and no boom, if you get my drift, so i won't be posting about those, i don't want to let you guys down, i don't want to let myself down too, so it's better that I don't list them down now, but expect it from this blog and my other blogs.

Hey! Looks like google's celebrating my comeback to the blogging industry. it even gave the blogging dashboard a new look, aww google you shouldn't have :) what do you think about the new dashboard layout? Let me know.

It's been said and done, I'm graduating at the 30TH of this month, just two days left, and i'll be a responsible-not-going-to-school-finding-work-no-lunchmoney-more-responsibility kinda guy, well once you put it out there, it's kinda sad and scary if you put it that way, but really, i'm excited, and so are my fellow blogger Deej from DeejSpeaks and Nash from PinayMahadera

I'll be tweaking my pages and some parts of this blog, be sure to tune in! hope to hear from you guys, i've missed you all :D no really, i want to hear from you guys, what you've been up to, hehe, well, that's it.

I'll be making a non boombastic post as my comeback post for now, to make sure that my post'll be more awesome and awesome.

Epic writing is Epic


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