Saturday, August 7, 2010

Adgitize or Thesis

Awww, I never expected to come to this decision, where I have to choose between Adgitize or my schoolwork.

Specially this week would be the "Cramming" day for all of my class project, It will be consisting of 2 thesis and 3 projects, a bunch of CWA, and an upcoming CWE that would be the summarization of everything we've learned these past schooldays,

Dont get me wrong, I wont forget Adgitize, But because of extremely slow speed of our internet connection, the time for me to finish coming up with an article and to finish all 100 clicks in just a nic of time would be impossible while doing those projects at school.

Bare with me with these week, I love Adgitizeing But with the schedule, Im not going to get any Adgitizeing Time, sad :(, But I will do everything I can to do my projects and still do my Adgitizeing, I wish I can do everything at the same time.

Oh how I wish this week would end, so I can go back to Adgitizeing :D

How about you? got problem Adgitizeing lately?


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