Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Got some good news and Bad news

Today, I got banned from Onbux, whea what the heck, life goes on, but as soon as I got back from school, I started twitching my MP4 player, It came from china, so It doesnt have a brand name, and for some reason I set my MP4 player's startup picture as a GIF one, then later on I found myself regretting what I did :X, If you want to donate a music player. please do :)

After that I decided to cool of my head's frustration by surfing, when I went to "Adgitize" I found out that they had a new rule implemented!


There they posted on what they sadly saw on the "Adgitize"'s blog community,

They've spotted adgitizer publishers having only banners, only ads, no blogpost, yes some has blogpost but their post only consist of a one picture (which is by the way wasnt taken by them) and one line,

I confess I did this a past week ago, It was because of the hectic schedule at hand that day, but now its back to blogging, so its a lucky break that I found out about this, or I would've been removed as a publisher,

But I wish as publishers get smaller, they'll put on more benefits, like for instance giving incentives and what not,


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