Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pasts Haunting Me

Reminising about the past is always a fun thing to do, you remember all of the things you did, the things that was done to you, and the fun part is, others you might've regret, and others you are proud of.

Strangest of the days, some parts of my past arose from nowhere today.

When I got to the jeep onto school, a friend of mine from elementary/highschool rode the same jeep as mine, surprised, I smiled at her, as awkwardness exist, I didnt speak to her even one word, oh yeah I said something, "Got to go, Bye", man talk about rude, :D.

When I got home, I turned on my computer to do some daily routine and to do school stuffs, then I saw her comment (This girl is different from the one i rode with, this girl's my elementary idol), my curiosity was aroused, and got me typing, hi's and hello's were thrown, because thats the only thing im allowed to talk to, :X.

(When I was typing this part, my media player was playing "She's got a boyfriend now", talk about coincidence)

I've wondered about things that I never did back then, and what would've happened if I did those things, hmm..

Oh yeah, Me, Mr.Llama, and AGM is working on a school group project, right now AGM is doing the coding while Mr.Llama is doing the writing, and here am I, posting my latest blog post, man talk about a great groupmate, lets give Mr.Llama Link loves :D


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