Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keep on Fighting

The War against school projects has begun, yesterday, my classmates and I are planning to go on the "National Library", there we need to find references for our project, but our teacher said the book's life span is only for 5 years, after that the book is obsolete, after sending one of our classmate before us, she informed us that the latest books on national library was only 2004, we needed at least 2005 in order for the book to be usable, then we ended at our school's library,

Im not wearing my uniform that time, and I was in my "Shorts" not pants, so I wasnt able to go inside school rooms. including the library, did you know how hot our corridors are? luckily for me a stand fan has an empty spot on his front, and I was there for the taking :)

Then we went to our classmate to do stuff for our java class, before that we sat and ate to our heart's content, my my, I remember my stomach feelin right, not full, but yet not hungry, enough of the food talk, after that, all we 3 sat down on our workstation and meddled with the java codes given to us by our professor, thankfully we 3 understood all that was taught.

Now I looked back what we've done, This day was suppose to focus on the project at our English class, but I think we ended up doing projects for our Java class, man talk about unscheduled planning :>

This is just the beginning of the war, There are more battles to come, HEAVEN OR HELL! LETS ROCK!


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