Monday, August 2, 2010

Dota 6.68

The famous Dota Map game on Warcraft 3 platform has its newest installment in the Dota maps legacy, Dota 6.68 Is the latest release from icefrog,

Dota 6.68 Contains 4 new hero for Dota fans to feast on with, They are Gyrocopter, Far seer, Shadow Demon, and Guardian Whisp

Gyrocopter is an AGI hero (My favorite of the four)
Far Seer and Shadow demon are both INT (Dont let their attribute fool you, they might be INT types but they sure pack a punch)
And Guardian Whisp is an STR hero (A support hero that can gank ANYWHERE {LITERALLY})

These four are available to the map in Dota 6.68, you can download the map Dota 6.68 in the official website,

The promised hero, Phoenix, was said to be released in the later on map Dota 6.69, and would not be released in the latest Dota 6.68 map, because IceFrog said that the hero Phoenix would rather be fun than to be rushed, but in my own opinion, the four heroes will keep the dota community busy for awhile until the hero Phoenix Will be released.


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