Monday, August 9, 2010

Adgitizer's Common Mistake

When Your Adgitizing, Its like your playing a game of "Memory", you have to remember who you just clicked, but thats not my friend and I only memorizes, We memorize the DEAD END!

The DEAD END can be found everywhere in Adgitize, These DEAD END's are blogs that have no Adgitize banner, and thus, me and my friend dont go to this kind of sites, they are on our black list :D

Of course, who wouldve want to go to a blog without adgitize? Its like your parents sayig they'll get you your new toy but after 2 years before they will buy it,

Man, and to think they pay good money for advertising, they are just wasting them if you ask me, or maybe their traffic is too much that Adgitize is some kind of their tool :D

Dont let my comments get to you, Im just saying what I want, If you have a violent reaction about this, feel free to say so.


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