Friday, August 13, 2010


Drinking juice is healthy, said so by my fellow clickers at Onbux, I asked about how to be fit and how to stay healthy, he said just eat fruits daily and drink a lot of juices,

At first I only thought of juice as another way to drink your water, little did I know it was healthy!

Now I Drink Juices everyday as much as possible, and eat fruits at least once everyday,

Speaking of juices, I just remembered that blogs have juices too, these juices are what keeps the blog in tip - top shape, my friend Mr.Llama told me about these juices, well as you can see, his blogs are more juicier than of mine :). but now Mr.Llama is having a hard time balancing school and blogging, and so do I,

I wish this month would end, its giving me and Mr.Llama a headache!


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