Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Two Who Hided in the Shadows

I Blogged about my life before I focused on this blog and Increasing its alexa rank and its PR, So I hid the Two of my blog, I never Intended to Show them to the public :D

Then, as desperate as I was, I Tried to use this two as an exposure for the "OneStopBlogz" blog, Then I thought of it, and a few teaching from Mr.Llama and I decided to do his teachings, and Having a banner on my Blog for the two.

The two blogs, "Let Me In" and "Is It Broken", is the yin and yang, light and dark, good and evil side of my lovelife (If I Ever Have One),

"Is It Broken"

This Blog of mine talked about the dark side to love, Its hard to explain but I stated all of this without even having a relationship with someone, just read it and try to understand it :D, The theme "SecondhandSerenade" is what i chose because the band's song is my favorite, every single song of them :D, and it compromises the blog's "Atmosphere", and will take readers to a roller coaster emotional ride :D

"Let Me In"

This Blog focus more on the "Positive" Side of love, and like the other blog, I wrote all of those without being involved in a relationship, pretty unbelievable you might think, and as I stated on the other blog's description, just read it and try to understand it :D, The theme "OwlCity" is the perfect touch to this blog, their songs are much likely on the positive side of love, They (Secondhand Serenade) Have much in common, OwlCity has songs too that emphasize the negative side of love, and so does Secondhand Serenade, Vice versa.

I decided to make a public debut for these two blogs because I was inspired by both bands and their new albums,

Hear Me Now for Secondhand Serenade and Sky Sailing for Owl City.

These two made me go in a emotional ride, with the songs having awesome videos, what more could I ask for? Hope you guys check it out, :D you dont need to search no more, the songs Im talking about is inside those blogs :D


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