Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Battle with the picture has ended.... ?

At last, my Bebe (Desktop) is back to its natural self, if you can remember, I talked about a "Virus" Setting In My computer, It was a grooling 5 day fight, The virus put up quite a fight, Refusing to be detected by my "Antivirus"

How did I did it?
I updated my antivirus everyday and scanned my whole system, into 3 to 4 days time, the friggin virus was detected.

What damages it made?
Not much, but it was a hassle to even load up my desktop or even to shut it down, My desktop was ready to stood still that day I got that virus, Thankfully its running in tip top shape again :D

We can now go back to our daily schedules.. or do we?? bwahahahahahaha.


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