Sunday, July 18, 2010


Really bugging virus that got into my friend, that eventually made its way to my desktop XD

Yes i have an antivirus, and yes it can be killed by an antivirus, but it takes time to kill them ALL, because when the virus has been ejected, there's more than one that will get to your computer,

The virus goes like this

A link that has facebook photo profile will be sent to you in your YAHOO MESSENGER asking you that if that's you in the photo, the worst part is, the ones infected will be the one that will be sending that virus to you, and they will not be informed that they are sending the link out.

To be more precise

A friend of mine was infected by this so-called virus, she was logged in on her Y.M. account, then she sent me the link saying

"Is this you on the photo? (then the link goes here blahblahblah)"

it has a facebook link so out of curiosity i clicked it, and next thing you know, im sending out the virus too, luckily all my friends are logged out.

When you have the virus, you will notice that your Y.M. will be flinching, (like popping out but faster) and when you click your Y.M. you will see that all your contacts has been highlighted.

Just be careful clicking links, send to everyone so we can take caution.


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