Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thank you for the links :D

Many months have passed since i tried to focus on this blog, My classmate "Mr. Llama" is the greater blogger than me, so to know what he's doing, i went in in the world of blogging, and I got hooked :D

My thoughts were publicized, my feelings was written, and my learnings was applied in customizing this blog, but no one is reading it, I want to be heard.

My classmate "Mr. Llama" Told me about backlinks, he explained me how and why it is needed, so I went on my journey in search for those backlinks.

After weeks of "Adgitizing", I got through the links of websites, thankfully.

I am really greatful for those who are on my blogroll ryt now, I thank you all for those who linked back :D



OK, you're blogrolled. Thanks!

do follow me, and i follow you...

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